How To Serve Wine To Impress Your Guests

Hosting dinner parties and social gatherings at your home are wonderful events to share with family and friends. These special occasions can create memories that will last a life time. Impressing your guests with beautiful displays of wine and certain accessories will add a special touch to your get-together. By following these few simple steps, […]

Sweet Wines vs Dry Wines – Which do you prefer?

Everyone has a preference of what wine they prefer. Some enjoy the sweet and some enjoy the dry, while others just love them all. Wine is meant to be enjoyed, savouring every sip, while appreciating the company you are with and surrounding yourself with a calm, peaceful and relaxing environment. Some wines may be marked as sweet or dry right […]

White Wine vs Red Wine – Understanding The Difference

Red is for red meat as white is for poultry, is it really that simple? There are so many questions we ask when it comes to wine. Which one should we choose? White wine or red wine?  What’s the difference and which one do we prefer? Choosing white wine over red wine or vise versa can be very […]

Expensive Wine vs Cheap Wine – What’s The Real Difference?

What makes a certain bottle of wine more expensive than others? Many people wonder if the more expensive wines are really better and more flavorful than the cheaper ones. Are they really worth the extra money, or are the moderately priced wines just as good, and at a better price? The expensive wine vs cheap wine […]

How To Successfully Order Wine At A Restaurant

Whenever you go out to dinner at a great new restaurant, you always want to impress your date, family and/or friends by ordering a nice bottle of wine. Although it may seem difficult, with a few simple tips, you can successfully order wine at a restaurant without looking like you are an amateur. After all, everyone wants to feel confident and relaxed […]

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