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Dual Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler 1

Store All of Your Wine at Home in a SPT Dual Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler

My New Wine Cooler: Stop Worrying and Love the Wine! Like many people, I also had a hard time keeping my wine at home. The fridge is always stocked up and I don’t have a cellar. Plus, I didn’t want my kids coming across the bottles (the responsible parent that I am!). But what really made [...]

24-Bottle Wine Cabinet 1

Add Some Elegance to Your Home with a TMS 24-Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet

Two Dozen Reasons to Have a Get Together! Spend hard earned money on a bottle of wine just to keep it under the sink? Something about that just didn’t seem right to me. So I finally decided to add a little more elegance to my wine keeping experience and bought a wine storage cabinet. I’m not much of a [...]

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How To Guides

Ordering Wine at a Restaurant

How To Successfully Order Wine At A Restaurant

Whenever you go out to dinner at a great new restaurant, you always want to impress your date, family and/or friends by ordering a nice bottle of wine. Although it may seem difficult, with a few simple tips, you can successfully order wine at a restaurant without looking like you are an amateur. After all, everyone wants to feel confident and relaxed [...]

Iron Vine Wall Wine Rack

How To Choose A Wine Rack For A Small Space

Choosing the right wine rack for your home is highly important. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. Specifically, let’s look into finding a wine rack for a small space. You may live in a studio or small apartment or even in a large house, but have just a small amount of space in [...]

Host Your Own Happy Hour

How To Host Your Own Happy Hour At Home

Tequila! Tequila! Tequila! Learn to host your own happy hour at home and become the host everyone is talking about. It’s not only easy to do and loads of fun, but alot more affordable than you may think.  To get started, the very first thing you must do is to send out your invites and ask [...]

Anatomy of a Wine Label

How To Read Wine Labels – Sifting Through All That Information

There are so many wine options to choose from that it can be quite a bit overwhelming. Gazing at all of the beautiful bottles of wine that come in a variety of colors and shapes is a lot of fun. But how do you know you’re picking the right flavor for the occasion? Simple really, by learning how [...]

Proper Wine Pairing for Informal Gathering

How To Achieve Proper Wine Pairing For An Informal Gathering

Here are a few tips to help incorporate wine into most everyday meals The Spring and Summer seasons are the most popular times of the year to spend outdoors. This means plenty of Barbeque’s in the backyard, picnics at the park and fun filled days at the beach. Did you know that there are some great ways to pair [...]

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Wine Blog

Sweet Wine

Sweet Wines vs Dry Wines – Which do you prefer?

Everyone has a preference of what wine they prefer. Some enjoy the sweet and some enjoy the dry, while others just love them all. Wine is meant to be enjoyed, savouring every sip, while appreciating the company you are with and surrounding yourself with a calm, peaceful and relaxing environment. Some wines may be marked as sweet or dry right [...]

White Wine vs Red Wine Article - Wines in Glasses

White Wine vs Red Wine – Understanding The Difference

Red is for red meat as white is for poultry, is it really that simple? There are so many questions we ask when it comes to wine. Which one should we choose? White wine or red wine?  What’s the difference and which one do we prefer? Choosing white wine over red wine or vise versa can be very [...]

Wine Cooler vs Refrigerator 2 30AUG2013

A Wine Cooler vs Refrigerator – Does it really matter?

Why you should never use a refrigerator to store your wine. First of all, you have to understand that wine is a living substance and needs to be stored at a steady temperature, which is neither too hot nor too cold. Many novices in wine collecting believe that an ordinary refrigerator works just as well as a wine cooler [...]

Wine Field

Expensive Wine vs Cheap Wine – What’s The Real Difference?

What makes a certain bottle of wine more expensive than others? Many people wonder if the more expensive wines are really better and more flavorful than the cheaper ones. Are they really worth the extra money, or are the moderately priced wines just as good, and at a better price? The expensive wine vs cheap wine [...]

Fun and Interesting Facts About Wine

Some Fun and Interesting Facts About Wine

  Ever wonder how much wine is consumed across the world each year? Well here’s the answer, along with many more fun and interesting facts about wine. Enjoy!   Author Bio Laura writes on behalf of Wild Grapes who are experts in the design and creation of custom wine cellars, bespoke wine racks and they also [...]

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